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One of the advantages of having a public presence in genealogy is the interesting people you hear from – not just those connected to you DNA-wise, but also those with any interest or comment.  A few days ago I received an interesting email from someone who has a terrific hobby – finding “orphan photos” and trying to return them to their “family owner.”  Her web site is “Grandma’s Picture Box“.

It turns out she had purchased a old photograph of a little boy in an antique store in Monroe, Georgia.  On the back was written a name and a place – “Ernest Patton VanHook, Prentiss, North Carolina.”  Thanks to Google, she located this name on my genealogy web site and dropped me a note, hoping I could fill in who this was and if I knew anything about his family, and maybe they might want the photo.

With a little detective work, I was able to locate his son living out west and we were able to get the photo back into the hands of the family.  A terrific ending!  There’s a lot more detail to the story, but I wanted to share what a nice experience this was and along the way I made two new connections – one with the photo’s finder and one with the ultimate owner.  It never hurts to connect with more generous and grateful people in this world!


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