People and Places to which I am indebted for assistance, information, guidance and encouragement:

  • Bernice Hubbard Keister – for her research and work she published in 1957 in VanHook and Allied Families. Mrs. Keister visited with our family in Nicholasville, Kentucky, back in the 1960’s when I was a young teenager. My father bought one of the 200 copies of this book published from her and I still have the autographed copy. I’m especially grateful for her work on the early ancestry prior to 1750.
  • Melissa (Missy) Lee Barta O’Brien – Missy and I have discussed and commiserated over the VanHook/Lee family ties for many years. I owe her thanks for the information I have on the John Lee / Mary VanHook lines (which I still need to get into this database!)
  • Barbara Crew Hutton – Barbara has always been a source of ideas and encouragement over the years, and has kept me straight on many a theory.
  • Nancy Tomlin – Nancy and I just recently connected, and her attention to detail is appreciated. She is my source for the lines of Annis VanHook and William Read Jones, as well as much information on the Gibson connections. Nancy also shared the Catherine Lea VanHook / Clement Banks information that was the research work of Ray Banks Jr. My thanks to both of them for their generosity.
  • Mary Frances Wood – Another recent cousin connection, Mary Francis is the source of almost 600 individuals in the Thomas Hendricks / Sarah VanHook line. My thanks to her for her unselfish contribution to this family genealogy.
  • Diane Smith Battershell – for information on the Monson family (Joel Monson married Catherine VanHook)
  • Viola Higgins Lee Roy – for much of the information on the line of Peter Higgins