Springfield, Greene, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Denney, Loel Edward  21 Apr 1922Springfield, Greene, MO I8651 VanHook 
2 Goin, Jessie William  29 Apr 1923Springfield, Greene, MO I8654 VanHook 
3 Johnson, James Eugene  21 Jan 1921Springfield, Greene, MO I7603 VanHook 
4 McPherson, Opal  Abt 1904Springfield, Greene, MO I9551 VanHook 
5 Thomas, Mabel Lee  31 Mar 1902Springfield, Greene, MO I8675 VanHook 
6 VanHook, Donald Eugene  28 Apr 1931Springfield, Greene, MO I11755 VanHook 
7 VanHook, Edith N.  11 Dec 1902Springfield, Greene, MO I2071 VanHook 
8 VanHook, James Orville  21 Sep 1912Springfield, Greene, MO I1562 VanHook 
9 VanHook, Jimmie Dee Monta  9 Mar 1894Springfield, Greene, MO I1626 VanHook 
10 VanHook, Kenneth Gerald  7 Dec 1925Springfield, Greene, MO I11757 VanHook 
11 VanHook, Marjorie  8 Dec 1924Springfield, Greene, MO I9901 VanHook 
12 VanHook, Raymond Lewis  2 Feb 1930Springfield, Greene, MO I7599 VanHook 
13 VanHook, Richard B.  28 May 1927Springfield, Greene, MO I7607 VanHook 
14 VanHook, Col. Victor Lee (Vic)  12 Apr 1924Springfield, Greene, MO I11756 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Betty L.  24 Jan 1999Springfield, Greene, MO I7608 VanHook 
2 Ida Grace  18 Mar 1964Springfield, Greene, MO I1750 VanHook 
3 Claiborn, Ruby  2001Springfield, Greene, MO I11728 VanHook 
4 Dean, Hobart William  12 Feb 1936Springfield, Greene, MO I5621 VanHook 
5 Denney, Benjamin Primer  9 May 1952Springfield, Greene, MO I4063 VanHook 
6 Dubois, Doris Maxine  29 Dec 1993Springfield, Greene, MO I10904 VanHook 
7 Ellington, Edna May  4 Nov 1971Springfield, Greene, MO I7610 VanHook 
8 Greene, Gwendolyn Louella  10 Apr 1993Springfield, Greene, MO I8517 VanHook 
9 Hackworth, William Glen  26 May 2003Springfield, Greene, MO I10807 VanHook 
10 Hall, Alexander Jackson  12 Jun 1940Springfield, Greene, MO I8637 VanHook 
11 Hicks, Horace B.  Dec 1967Springfield, Greene, MO I11742 VanHook 
12 Johnson, James Eugene  30 Dec 1989Springfield, Greene, MO I7603 VanHook 
13 Johnson, John Wesley  24 Aug 1951Springfield, Greene, MO I1752 VanHook 
14 Koeppen, Mary Martha (Maude)  Dec 1967Springfield, Greene, MO I11743 VanHook 
15 Morgan, Lucia (Lucy) Ann  7 Jan 1912Springfield, Greene, MO I1696 VanHook 
16 Murrell, Laura Ann  22 Feb 1948Springfield, Greene, MO I1749 VanHook 
17 Price, George Alfred  8 Oct 1918Springfield, Greene, MO I506 VanHook 
18 Rogers, Jewell Louise  3 Nov 1978Springfield, Greene, MO I1751 VanHook 
19 Smith, Velda Lee  1983Springfield, Greene, MO I11754 VanHook 
20 Sutton, Lula Ann  1964Springfield, Greene, MO I1748 VanHook 
21 Titus, Perry Daniel  14 Apr 1969Springfield, Greene, MO I8671 VanHook 
22 Townlain, James Edward  7 Jul 2018Springfield, Greene, MO I13780 VanHook 
23 VanHook, Benjamin Madison  18 Nov 1956Springfield, Greene, MO I1798 VanHook 
24 VanHook, Bryan Murrell  16 Nov 1982Springfield, Greene, MO I1622 VanHook 
25 VanHook, Donald Eugene  Apr 1987Springfield, Greene, MO I11755 VanHook 
26 VanHook, James Flemmon  6 Jun 1947Springfield, Greene, MO I1621 VanHook 
27 VanHook, James Franklin  Feb 1975Springfield, Greene, MO I1813 VanHook 
28 VanHook, James Harold  Nov 1977Springfield, Greene, MO I4390 VanHook 
29 VanHook, Jimmie Dee Monta  10 Dec 1970Springfield, Greene, MO I1626 VanHook 
30 VanHook, John Benjamin  2 Jul 1958Springfield, Greene, MO I1533 VanHook 
31 VanHook, Richard B.  30 Nov 1998Springfield, Greene, MO I7607 VanHook 
32 VanHook, Thelma  17 Aug 1994Springfield, Greene, MO I4391 VanHook 
33 VanHook, Verda O. (Verdie)  19 Feb 1972Springfield, Greene, MO I1625 VanHook 
34 VanHook, William Glenn ("Babe")  1994Springfield, Greene, MO I4722 VanHook 
35 VanHook, William Markham  25 Dec 1925Springfield, Greene, MO I1537 VanHook 
36 VanHook, William Mcfarland ("Max") Sr  12 Apr 1995Springfield, Greene, MO I1624 VanHook 
37 VanHook, William Victor  Aug 1984Springfield, Greene, MO I4715 VanHook 
38 Yadon, Artimicy (Artie Macie)  9 Apr 1931Springfield, Greene, MO I6287 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Denney / Lemaske  27 Oct 1906Springfield, Greene, MO F628 VanHook 
2 Titus / Denney  6 Oct 1919Springfield, Greene, MO F833 VanHook 
3 Townlain / Denney  23 Apr 1904Springfield, Greene, MO F4584 VanHook 
4 VanHook / Morgan  13 Mar 1901Springfield, Greene, MO F268 VanHook 
5 VanHook / Murrell  5 Feb 1891Springfield, Greene, MO F1133 VanHook