Los Angeles, CA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buchanan, Jack  2 Oct 1921Los Angeles, CA I13298 VanHook 
2 Isaacs, Charles H.  5 Jan 1904Los Angeles, CA I8780 VanHook 
3 Isaacs, William E.  10 Feb 1907Los Angeles, CA I8781 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Calle, Jean  26 Oct 1977Los Angeles, CA I2531 VanHook 
2 Hall, Bertha Jane  9 Jan 1937Los Angeles, CA I8304 VanHook 
3 Hall, Clara Nyja  8 Aug 1973Los Angeles, CA I11184 VanHook 
4 Jacoutot, Leo A.  11 Sep 1959Los Angeles, CA I11258 VanHook 
5 Mayfield, Cavello Giddens  30 Mar 1957Los Angeles, CA I7409 VanHook 
6 McNiel, Adrian  19 Jul 1942Los Angeles, CA I7015 VanHook 
7 McNiel, Helen Marie  21 Jan 1984Los Angeles, CA I10703 VanHook 
8 Stanley, Mollie E.  29 May 1959Los Angeles, CA I7113 VanHook 
9 Swinney, William G.  8 Aug 1948Los Angeles, CA I7109 VanHook 
10 Tefft, Jay Hall  4 Jul 1980Los Angeles, CA I11188 VanHook 
11 Tefft, Ozro H.  20 Apr 1946Los Angeles, CA I11186 VanHook 
12 Trent, Clarence Wilber  21 Nov 1955Los Angeles, CA I7982 VanHook 
13 VanHook, Abraham Keller  19 Mar 1941Los Angeles, CA I4253 VanHook 
14 VanHook, Charles Gordon  3 Mar 1943Los Angeles, CA I7256 VanHook 
15 VanHook, Edward Albert  28 Sep 1981Los Angeles, CA I3392 VanHook 
16 VanHook, Florence Barbara  12 Apr 1925Los Angeles, CA I3804 VanHook 
17 VanHook, Henry Thomas  19 Oct 1988Los Angeles, CA I3391 VanHook 
18 VanHook, James M.  19 Jun 1939Los Angeles, CA I7255 VanHook 
19 VanHook, James T.  6 Sep 1972Los Angeles, CA I4994 VanHook 
20 VanHook, James Vell  14 Nov 1950Los Angeles, CA I12505 VanHook 
21 VanHook, John Manson  30 Aug 1972Los Angeles, CA I6285 VanHook 
22 VanHook, Laura H. (Laural)  3 Feb 1955Los Angeles, CA I226 VanHook 
23 VanHook, Leroy Valentine  29 Mar 1985Los Angeles, CA I3394 VanHook 
24 VanHook, Mary Marceline  10 Feb 1958Los Angeles, CA I8305 VanHook 
25 VanHook, Millard Henry  Between 1930 and 1944Los Angeles, CA I9368 VanHook 
26 VanHook, Nora Ellen  26 May 1958Los Angeles, CA I9106 VanHook 
27 VanHook, Pearl Edna  21 Apr 1978Los Angeles, CA I10213 VanHook 
28 VanHook, Philip Carwell  18 Nov 1986Los Angeles, CA I8306 VanHook 
29 VanHook, Raymond C.  31 Jul 1973Los Angeles, CA I3393 VanHook 
30 VanHook, Ruby M.  26 Apr 1969Los Angeles, CA I8349 VanHook 
31 VanHook, Samuel  5 Nov 1918Los Angeles, CA I7669 VanHook 
32 VanHook, Valens Vernon  12 Mar 1964Los Angeles, CA I2971 VanHook 
33 VanHook, Walter Clark  10 Jun 1976Los Angeles, CA I8357 VanHook 
34 VanHook, Wendell Alexander  9 May 1951Los Angeles, CA I7872 VanHook 
35 VanHook, Wendell Calvin  19 Dec 1983Los Angeles, CA I3385 VanHook 
36 VanHook, William Perry  26 Oct 1973Los Angeles, CA I9108 VanHook 
37 Wheelock, Martha A.  Aft 1930Los Angeles, CA I7880 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brothers / VanHook  4 Sep 1904Los Angeles, CA F2800 VanHook 
2 Strickland / VanHook  16 Jan 1923Los Angeles, CA F4770 VanHook 
3 Tucker / VanHook  10 Oct 1893Los Angeles, CA F4765 VanHook 
4 VanHook / Agnew  6 Jun 1923Los Angeles, CA F4772 VanHook 
5 VanHook / Looney  27 Jan 1920Los Angeles, CA F3954 VanHook 
6 VanHook / Obear  4 Jul 1910Los Angeles, CA F3347 VanHook 
7 VanHook / Voight  14 Oct 1926Los Angeles, CA F2461 VanHook