Orange, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davey, James  Abt 1760Orange, NC I9837 VanHook 
2 Davey, Sarah  Abt 1755Orange, NC I2196 VanHook 
3 Davie, William  Abt 1760Orange, NC I3962 VanHook 
4 Edwards, William Franklin  8 Nov 1757Orange, NC I5826 VanHook 
5 Gold, Margaret  Abt 1742Orange, NC I1427 VanHook 
6 Hastings, Joseph Marion  13 Nov 1804Orange, NC I13482 VanHook 
7 Hendricks, David  1765Orange, NC I1449 VanHook 
8 Hendricks, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1774Orange, NC I1446 VanHook 
9 Hendricks, James  3 Jan 1759Orange, NC I1442 VanHook 
10 Hendricks, Samuel  15 Nov 1768Orange, NC I1448 VanHook 
11 Hendricks, Sarah  7 Dec 1762Orange, NC I1444 VanHook 
12 Horne, Melvina Louisa  1842Orange, NC I6688 VanHook 
13 Sargent, Rachel  Abt 1763Orange, NC I1095 VanHook 
14 Sargent, Stephen Bryant  1747Orange, NC I1426 VanHook 
15 Thompson, Nicholas  20 Mar 1781Orange, NC I1195 VanHook 
16 VanHook, Catherine  Abt 1775Orange, NC I2189 VanHook 
17 VanHook, David Jr  Abt 1760Orange, NC I835 VanHook 
18 VanHook, Elizabeth C.  avt 1856Orange, NC I12568 VanHook 
19 VanHook, Jacob  1761Orange, NC I517 VanHook 
20 VanHook, John  Abt 1842Orange, NC I12562 VanHook 
21 VanHook, John Wesley  4 Jan 1854Orange, NC I12566 VanHook 
22 VanHook, Lawrence  1760Orange, NC I339 VanHook 
23 VanHook, Mary  Abt 1853Orange, NC I12567 VanHook 
24 VanHook, Nancy J.  Abt 1844Orange, NC I12563 VanHook 
25 VanHook, Rachel  Abt 1760Orange, NC I2186 VanHook 
26 VanHook, Robert  1760Orange, NC I840 VanHook 
27 VanHook, William Aaron  Abt 1847Orange, NC I12503 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balck, Catherine  Aft 1770Orange, NC I1004 VanHook 
2 Bumpass, Robert  1777Orange, NC I3620 VanHook 
3 Bumpass, William  1776Orange, NC I9838 VanHook 
4 Deboogh, Solomon  Sep-Oct 1767Orange, NC I80 VanHook 
5 Dobbin, Thomas  1774Orange, NC I3639 VanHook 
6 VanHook, Arand (Aaron, Arent, )  1760Orange, NC I123 VanHook 
7 VanHook, John  Between 1856 and 1860Orange, NC I12560 VanHook 
8 VanHook, Oscar Vincent  7 Jan 1992Orange, NC I856 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Edwards / Cramer  5 Aug 1747Orange, NC F739 VanHook 
2 Fulkerson / VanHook  18 Jan 1764Orange, NC F67 VanHook 
3 Hendricks / VanHook  2 Feb 1758Orange, NC F987 VanHook