New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Charlotte  Abt 1818New York I9455 VanHook 
2 Charlotte  Abt 1902New York I7140 VanHook 
3 Helen  Abt 1910New York I10955 VanHook 
4 Mary  Aug 1857New York I12377 VanHook 
5 Sarah  Abt 1822New York I6884 VanHook 
6 Tyla  Abt 1882New York I11261 VanHook 
7 Abel, Mary  2 Jul 1924New York I1771 Abel 
8 Adrianse, Isaac  12 Nov 1786New York I10193 VanHook 
9 Adrianse, Maria  23 Mar 1789New York I10195 VanHook 
10 Adrianse, Phoebe  28 Apr 1784New York I10194 VanHook 
11 Bidwell, Jane  Abt 1880New York I11623 VanHook 
12 Bronson, James L.  5 Jun 1839New York I13695 VanHook 
13 Brown, Catherine A.  Jun 1860New York I9760 VanHook 
14 Camp, Martha L.  Jan 1872New York I9450 VanHook 
15 Crannel, Isaac Vanhook  4 Feb 1763New York I16 VanHook 
16 Foster, Rose Linda (Rosie)  Oct 1854New York I5615 VanHook 
17 Gantt, Mildred A.  1 Feb 1897New York I9419 VanHook 
18 Haeeis (Hassialis?), Helen  Abt 1905New York I320 Abel 
19 Hamp, Pearl (Ruth)  23 Mar 1916New York I4469 Abel 
20 Lee, Mary Ann  1823New York I7235 VanHook 
21 Meyers, Mary  Abt 1874New York I11701 VanHook 
22 Morgan, Nora E.  Nov 1865New York I9443 VanHook 
23 Morris, Hannah Gertrude  14 May 1898New York I221 Abel 
24 Noble, Mary  Abt 1719New York I2183 VanHook 
25 Parkhurst, Elizabeth Parcius  1 Aug 1817New York I6194 VanHook 
26 Ray, John J.  27 Sep 1909New York I11633 VanHook 
27 Reynolds, David  Nov 1867New York I9449 VanHook 
28 Scannella, Albert  1 Mar 1913New York I262 Abel 
29 Scannella, Amedeo  23 Jan 1924New York I264 Abel 
30 Scannella, John  30 Jun 1906New York I261 Abel 
31 Scannella, Marie (Mary)  30 Oct 1917New York I263 Abel 
32 Tefft, Jay Webster  Abt 1874New York I11185 VanHook 
33 Tisdall, Joseph John  16 Aug 1900New York I10608 VanHook 
34 Turner, Alonzo T.  Abt 1817New York I6883 VanHook 
35 VanHook, Cora May  Dec 1888New York I9444 VanHook 
36 VanHook, James George Jr.  17 Aug 1882New York I11629 VanHook 
37 VanHook, Laurens (Lawrence) Arentszen  Abt 1670-1675New York I60 VanHook 
38 VanHook, William Franklin  7 Jan 1876New York I11622 VanHook 
39 Wheelock, Martha A.  16 Sep 1844New York I7880 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Frankel, Jacob (Jankel)  Aft 1941New York I194 Abel 
2 Jolly, Mary Starnes  18 Nov 1957New York I10862 VanHook 
3 Peck, Susan Saunders  14 Oct 1823New York I10196 VanHook 
4 Scannella, Amedeo  1 Sep 1998New York I264 Abel 
5 Scannella, John  21 Mar 1990New York I261 Abel 
6 Scherr, Ester Rucher (Ray)  29 May 1964New York I324 Abel 
7 Schindler, Herbert  18 Dec 2012New York I327 Abel 
8 Schindler, Kalman  21 May 1961New York I331 Abel 
9 Smith, Dirck Barentzen  Between 10 Jan 1661/2 and 24 Mar 1661/2New York I10462 VanHook 
10 Swart, Jacomyntie Teunise  Abt 1713New York I966 VanHook 
11 Van Tilburg, Isaac  1697New York I3181 VanHook 
12 VanHook, Isaac Alvan  18 Aug 1834New York I42 VanHook 
13 VanHook, James Lorenzo  Between 1850 and 1860New York I11638 VanHook 
14 Vynhout, Cornelius  Abt 1713New York I10173 VanHook 
15 Wodika, Julia Anna (Annie)  31 Mar 1953New York I344 Abel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 VanHook, Isaac Alvan  19 Aug 1834New York I42 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brody / Mesonik  15 May 1930New York F118 Abel 
2 VanHook / Morgan  1888New York F3350 VanHook