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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Catherine  Abt 1800New Jersey I7478 VanHook 
2 Experience (Pennie)  Jan 1865New Jersey I9492 VanHook 
3 Rachel  Abt 1817New Jersey I6823 VanHook 
4 Anderson, Hannah  Abt 1816New Jersey I9439 VanHook 
5 Ashley, Mary Ann  1832New Jersey I5585 VanHook 
6 Bishop, Belford H.  1 Jun 1872New Jersey I5681 VanHook 
7 Bishop, Caroline  1 May 1870New Jersey I5680 VanHook 
8 Bishop, Mary B.  4 Jan 1875New Jersey I5682 VanHook 
9 Bishop, Robert  3 Oct 1856New Jersey I8978 VanHook 
10 Bishop, William Harrison  30 Jun 1848New Jersey I8948 VanHook 
11 Bowker, Eliza  21 Jun 1847New Jersey I8949 VanHook 
12 Buck, Emma F.  Oct 1871New Jersey I12877 VanHook 
13 Burns, Sarah (Sallie)  Jul 1863New Jersey I13750 VanHook 
14 Carter, Jeremiah Jr.  Abt 1802New Jersey I3979 VanHook 
15 Church, Daniel  Abt 1834New Jersey I12360 VanHook 
16 Church, Lida  Abt 1872New Jersey I12390 VanHook 
17 Cobb, Jacob  Abt 1830New Jersey I6831 VanHook 
18 Cossaboon, George H.  1834New Jersey I5663 VanHook 
19 Cossaboon, William C.  May 1861New Jersey I9490 VanHook 
20 Deboogh, Solomon  1714New Jersey I80 VanHook 
21 Debow, Benjamin  Abt 1748New Jersey I85 VanHook 
22 Debow, Frederick  Abt 1747New Jersey I84 VanHook 
23 Erickson, Hannah  Abt 1825New Jersey I13191 VanHook 
24 Gibbons, John William  3 Jan 1920New Jersey I9902 VanHook 
25 Gifford, Nathaniel G.  Abt 1867New Jersey I6830 VanHook 
26 Glenn, Hester (Hettie)  Abt 1785New Jersey I13220 VanHook 
27 Grace, Judith (Julia)  Abt 1810New Jersey I4018 VanHook 
28 Hampton, Atlantic (Alice - Addie)  Abt 1850New Jersey I12371 VanHook 
29 Hankins, Charles  26 Jan 1830New Jersey I11215 VanHook 
30 Hayes, Ann Elizabeth  Mar 1844New Jersey I5664 VanHook 
31 Heaton, William  Abt 1813New Jersey I3982 VanHook 
32 Hendrickson, May Geneviere  Oct 1889New Jersey I8153 VanHook 
33 Hufsey, Daisy  13 Jun 1905New Jersey I5689 VanHook 
34 Hufsey, Edison Alva  11 Mar 1909New Jersey I8962 VanHook 
35 Hufsey, Eva  Sep 1906New Jersey I8960 VanHook 
36 Hufsey, Flo  Dec 1898New Jersey I5686 VanHook 
37 Hufsey, Francis Alfred  1 Nov 1900New Jersey I5687 VanHook 
38 Hufsey, Madeline Doris  25 Jun 1914New Jersey I8964 VanHook 
39 Hufsey, Mulford Ludlam  12 Sep 1897New Jersey I5685 VanHook 
40 Hufsey, Russell Lowell  5 Mar 1904New Jersey I5688 VanHook 
41 Hufsey, Shannon Pearl  21 Jun 1916New Jersey I8966 VanHook 
42 Hufsey, Verna  20 Jan 1893New Jersey I5684 VanHook 
43 Kirkland, Beatrice Elizabeth  Abt 1913New Jersey I9755 VanHook 
44 Leaming, Zipporah (Sophorah) E.  Abt 1849New Jersey I12389 VanHook 
45 Lee, Edward  Abt 1811New Jersey I13188 VanHook 
46 Lloyd, Bridget  Abt 1730New Jersey I1005 VanHook 
47 McGill, James  Abt 1836New Jersey I9457 VanHook 
48 O'neill, Regina Consuela  18 Dec 1887New Jersey I5626 VanHook 
49 Ostertag, Anna M.  Feb 1853New Jersey I9284 VanHook 
50 Ostertag, Francis Joseph  31 Jul 1892New Jersey I13751 VanHook 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Catherine  Aft 1860New Jersey I7478 VanHook 
2 Rachel  Between 1870 and 1880New Jersey I6823 VanHook 
3 Ashley, Mary Ann  19 May 1920New Jersey I5585 VanHook 
4 Bishop, Mary B.  1947New Jersey I5682 VanHook 
5 Crandall, William  Between 1780 and 1795New Jersey I13178 VanHook 
6 Deboogh, Janneke (Anne)  23 Jun 1792New Jersey I100 VanHook 
7 Foster, Rose Linda (Rosie)  1941New Jersey I5615 VanHook 
8 Hufsey, Daisy  1 Oct 1996New Jersey I5689 VanHook 
9 Hufsey, Eva  Jun 1909New Jersey I8960 VanHook 
10 Hufsey, Flo  1908New Jersey I5686 VanHook 
11 Hufsey, Francis Alfred  24 May 1948New Jersey I5687 VanHook 
12 Hufsey, Mulford Ludlam  10 Oct 1959New Jersey I5685 VanHook 
13 Hufsey, Russell Lowell  Jun 1976New Jersey I5688 VanHook 
14 Hufsey, Shannon Pearl  25 May 1917New Jersey I8966 VanHook 
15 Hufsey, Verna  Dec 1969New Jersey I5684 VanHook 
16 Hufsey, Walter  20 Aug 1940New Jersey I5683 VanHook 
17 Kraus, Rosa  Jun 1990New Jersey I8958 VanHook 
18 Lucchesi, George  17 Nov 1984New Jersey I8959 VanHook 
19 Mount, Matthias  7 Apr 1791New Jersey I1001 VanHook 
20 Neville, Bertha  1958New Jersey I5622 VanHook 
21 Reeves, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1822New Jersey I3968 VanHook 
22 Steel, Harriet B. (Hattie)  30 Oct 1938New Jersey I5700 VanHook 
23 Taylor, Milton David  25 Apr 1974New Jersey I5690 VanHook 
24 Torrens, Robert  1907New Jersey I5655 VanHook 
25 Turner, Felix F.  1888New Jersey I5654 VanHook 
26 VanHook, Anthony  Aft 1930New Jersey I5614 VanHook 
27 VanHook, Bertha  Jun 1964New Jersey I8206 VanHook 
28 VanHook, Mayor Claude Ashton Sr.  18 Jul 1965New Jersey I5618 VanHook 
29 VanHook, Edward Tatum  28 Feb 1938New Jersey I9286 VanHook 
30 VanHook, Eliza Jane  29 Sep 1918New Jersey I5610 VanHook 
31 VanHook, Ella  15 Apr 1954New Jersey I9285 VanHook 
32 VanHook, Captain Henry  Bef 1809New Jersey I7216 VanHook 
33 VanHook, Horace  Aft 1850New Jersey I5612 VanHook 
34 VanHook, Jacob  Dec 1964New Jersey I11174 VanHook 
35 VanHook, Dr. John O'neill  10 Aug 1970New Jersey I5632 VanHook 
36 VanHook, Madera  Bef 1870New Jersey I5659 VanHook 
37 VanHook, Martin Guessner  1920New Jersey I5617 VanHook 
38 VanHook, William  Aft 1860New Jersey I5572 VanHook 
39 VanHook, William Henry Sr.  1926New Jersey I5699 VanHook 
40 Welch, James  1786New Jersey I7494 VanHook 
41 Wood, Lydia Ann  Between 1856 and 1869New Jersey I5694 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bishop / Bowker  8 Mar 1869New Jersey F2843 VanHook 
2 Bishop / Unknown  1897New Jersey F2854 VanHook 
3 Estell / Hufsey  1912New Jersey F2846 VanHook 
4 Guetlich / Miller  Abt 1859New Jersey F3362 VanHook 
5 Hufsey / Bishop  Abt 8 Mar 1896New Jersey F46 VanHook 
6 Hufsey / Kraus  20 May 1922New Jersey F2848 VanHook 
7 Lee / Crandall  10 Nov 1798New Jersey F4724 VanHook 
8 Lucchesi / Hufsey  18 Jan 1979New Jersey F2849 VanHook 
9 O'neill / VanHook  3 Nov 1903New Jersey F1819 VanHook 
10 Stiles / Cobb  Abt 1891New Jersey F2341 VanHook 
11 Stokes / Ryno  1887New Jersey F3616 VanHook 
12 Taylor / Hufsey  5 Nov 1922New Jersey F1838 VanHook 
13 VanHook /   Abt 1750New Jersey F918 VanHook 
14 VanHook /   Abt 1823New Jersey F1811 VanHook 
15 VanHook /   Abt 1833New Jersey F54 VanHook 
16 VanHook / Reeves  Abt 1796New Jersey F2144 VanHook 
17 VanHook / Williams  Bef 1795New Jersey F51 VanHook 
18 Warrington / Bishop  1880New Jersey F2856 VanHook 
19 Weber / Hufsey  11 Jun 1939New Jersey F2851 VanHook 
20 Welch / VanHook  Bef 1812New Jersey F1808 VanHook 
21 Whitaker / VanHook  Abt 1918New Jersey F2902 VanHook