Louisville, Jefferson, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowers, John Mallott  4 Feb 1900Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8457 VanHook 
2 Crafton, Hazel Mae  22 Apr 1909Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12688 VanHook 
3 Graham, Charles Ray  Abt 1920Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12699 VanHook 
4 Graham, Jane C.  Abt 1923Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12700 VanHook 
5 Graham, John Herman Jr.  2 Aug 1896Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12694 VanHook 
6 Graham, Marguerite E.  26 Jun 1900Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12679 VanHook 
7 Hines, Anna  5 Oct 1910Louisville, Jefferson, KY I10912 VanHook 
8 Nave, Madge Elnora  24 Mar 1887Louisville, Jefferson, KY I13159 VanHook 
9 Titus, James Emmett  7 May 1953Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8677 VanHook 
10 VanHook, Beulah  13 Feb 1895Louisville, Jefferson, KY I9164 VanHook 
11 VanHook, Martha Elizabeth (Mattie)  1866Louisville, Jefferson, KY I3943 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flora J.  1 Feb 1968Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12682 VanHook 
2 Bowers, John Mallott  4 Apr 1956Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8457 VanHook 
3 Fye, Hazel Myra  2 Mar 1977Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8676 VanHook 
4 Goldsmith, James W.  30 Nov 1910Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8610 VanHook 
5 Graham, John Herman Jr.  17 Feb 1956Louisville, Jefferson, KY I12694 VanHook 
6 Marcum, Minnie L.  10 Dec 1942Louisville, Jefferson, KY I7718 VanHook 
7 Price, Lena P  6 Sep 1981Louisville, Jefferson, KY I1508 VanHook 
8 Rambo, Clarence Innis  24 Oct 1978Louisville, Jefferson, KY I1675 VanHook 
9 Titus, James Emmett  5 Dec 1953Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8677 VanHook 
10 VanHook, Elsie Irene  26 Dec 1924Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8456 VanHook 
11 VanHook, Ethel Florence  14 Apr 1978Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8455 VanHook 
12 VanHook, Louise  28 Dec 2005Louisville, Jefferson, KY I4028 VanHook 
13 VanHook, Mary Jane  3 Dec 1984Louisville, Jefferson, KY I7909 VanHook 
14 Ware, Henry Greenberry (Berry)  29 Jun 1911Louisville, Jefferson, KY I3360 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goldsmith, James W.  1 Dec 1910Louisville, Jefferson, KY I8610 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Goldsmith / Kinnett  19 Oct 1910Louisville, Jefferson, KY F3056 VanHook 
2 Graham / VanHook  18 Jul 1918Louisville, Jefferson, KY F4569 VanHook 
3 VanHook / Clarke  12 Jun 1832Louisville, Jefferson, KY F2361 VanHook