Cynthiana, Harrison, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyd, John Struther  1890Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I12322 VanHook 
2 Boyd, Serena Kenney  26 Nov 1903Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I12321 VanHook 
3 Davis, Amanda Barnett  15 Jun 1841Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3854 VanHook 
4 Davis, Charles D  6 Oct 1830Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3848 VanHook 
5 Davis, Infant  7 Jul 1832Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3849 VanHook 
6 Davis, Isaac Newton  4 May 1843Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3855 VanHook 
7 Davis, Joel Frazier  13 Jun 1827Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3846 VanHook 
8 Davis, John Bishop  4 Sep 1838Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3853 VanHook 
9 Davis, Mary Elizabeth  8 Mar 1835Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3851 VanHook 
10 Davis, Nancy Allen  14 Sep 1836Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3852 VanHook 
11 Davis, Thomas Vanhook  22 Sep 1828Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3847 VanHook 
12 Davis, William Wallace  2 Jun 1833Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3850 VanHook 
13 Martin, Luther Vanhook  27 Sep 1890Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I9433 VanHook 
14 Musselman, Ressie  30 Nov 1892Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I12308 VanHook 
15 VanHook, Alva T.  20 Sep 1905Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I13065 VanHook 
16 VanHook, Daughter  6 Oct 1908Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I11112 VanHook 
17 VanHook, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1796Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I513 VanHook 
18 VanHook, Elizabeth J  15 Dec 1832Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3795 VanHook 
19 VanHook, John G  22 Apr 1827Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3793 VanHook 
20 VanHook, Lucille Pearl  1908Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6678 VanHook 
21 VanHook, Sarah Elwyn  15 Mar 1833Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I10900 VanHook 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyd, Samuel Rogers  Apr 1905Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I12320 VanHook 
2 Davis, Infant  7 Jul 1832Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3849 VanHook 
3 Martin, John Thomas  24 Jan 1929Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I9431 VanHook 
4 Powers, James Arthur  13 Dec 1993Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I11047 VanHook 
5 VanHook, Anna  Nov 1966Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I13066 VanHook 
6 VanHook, Clarence  1 Jun 1978Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I11035 VanHook 
7 VanHook, James Henry Jr.  13 May 1942Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6657 VanHook 
8 VanHook, John G  7 May 1827Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I3793 VanHook 
9 VanHook, Lyda J.  Aug 1935Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I4256 VanHook 
10 VanHook, Margaret (Maggie) Givens  7 Jan 1929Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I4257 VanHook 
11 VanHook, Mary Allan  Apr 1999Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6547 VanHook 
12 VanHook, Nancy (Nannie) Duncan  16 Sep 1937Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I1389 VanHook 
13 VanHook, Nancy T.  23 Nov 1969Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6544 VanHook 
14 VanHook, Robert C.  16 Aug 2006Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I8413 VanHook 
15 VanHook, Samuel E.  25 Sep 2008Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I11048 VanHook 
16 Watson, Anna (Annie)  16 Jul 1977Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6545 VanHook 
17 Wilson, Keller  16 Jan 1985Cynthiana, Harrison, KY I6562 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 VanHook / Keller  16 Feb 1865Cynthiana, Harrison, KY F2228 VanHook