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201 1850 US Census - Union Parish, LA
Thomas Van Hook 40
Marya Van Hook 26
Sarah Van Hook 5
Allen Van Hook 2
(living next door to John A. Bayliss - who their youngest son was named for a few years later. John Bayliss was postmaster in Union Parish during the same time Thomas was parish clerk)

Union Parish, LA Deeds
Book F, P 440
Received of John A. Bayless in full payment for a slave named Joe. 21,
the sum of $ 1,500.
20 Jan 1854 Thomas Van Hook
John A. Bayless
Witnesses: Moses S. Carson, James D. Slawson
Recorded 20 Jan 1854

"Martha E. VanHook" is found with her children in the Jackson Parish, LA, 1860 Federal Census (this is just south of Union Parish). She is living next door to her parents - Jeptha and Narcissa Colvin. This is a bit hard to find on Ancestry, as the name is indexed as "Vannook." Additionally, "Martha E. VanHook" is shown in the census slave schedules as owning 8 slaves.

Martha E Vanhook «tab»34, domestic, born LA
Sarah J Vanhook «tab»15, born LA
Allen M Vanhook «tab»12, born LA
Narcissa Vanhook «tab»9, born LA
Mary R Vanhook «tab»7, born LA
John B Vanhook «tab»3, born LA 
Family: F3255
202 1850 US Census - Wabash, Fountain Co., IN
Samuel Vanhook 35
Elizabeth Vanhook 32
Curtis Vanhook 12
Silkirk Vanhook 10
Sylvanis Vanhook 5
Silebus Vanhook 1
Wilson Vanhook 19

1860 US Census - Wabash, Fountain Co., IN
Samuel Vanhook 44
Elizabeth Vanhook 42
Selkirk Vanhook 20
Sylvanus Vanhook 17
Silivus Vanhook 10
Arlandus 7
Samuel 5
John 4
Sarah C 2 months 
Family: F1081
203 1850 US Census - Washington, Monroe Co., IN
James L. Canada, 20, merchant, b. IN - living in household of Lee and Rachel Brown.

1860 US Census - Township 22 N Ranges 11 E and 14 W, Champaign Co., IL
James, Mary, Cynthia and Ida

16 Apr 1857 - The Urbana Union (Wabash Co., IN)
Citizens of town(ship) 22 that wish to be a part of the new Holmes Co.: includes "James L. Canada"

1880 US Census - Dist 45, Fall Creek, Hamilton Co., IN
James (physician), Mary, Elizabeth C. and Louvinia J.

1900 US Census - dist 105, Washington, Monroe Co., IN
James (doctor) & Mary 
Family: F3138
204 1850 US Census - Wayne, Montgomery Co., IN

See family notes under David F. Brown and Elizabeth Bailey

1870 United States Federal Census - Wayne, Montgomery, Indiana
Name Age
John Bailey 27
Martin Bailey 25
Archelaus Bailey 29
Marcia Bailey 30
Barbara Bailey 33 
Family: F1747
205 1850 US Census, Caswell Co., NC
Kindal VanHook, 58, farmer, b. Person
Diana VanHook, 55, b. Caswell
Francis M. VanHook, 20, b. Person
Diana S. VanHook, 19, b. Person
Lucinda E. VanHook, 17, b. Person

1860 US Census, Caswell Co., NC
(census taker only used first initials for names - grrrr)
K VanHook, 69, m, farmer, b. NC (Kendall)
D VanHook, 65, f, b. NC (Diana)
S VanHook, 26, f, b. NC (Diana S.)
M VanHook, 30, m, b. NC (Francis M.)
E VanHook, 24, f, b. NC (Lucinda E.)

1870 US Census, Caswell Co., NC (11 Jul 1870)
Diana VanHook, 73, b. NC
Susan VanHook, 31, b. NC
Lucretia VanHook, 30, b. NC
David VanHook, 5, b. NC

In the 1985 "Heritage of Caswell County NC" it states that Kindall VanHook, son of Jacob, was born ca 1792 at about the same time Person County was formed. He married May 22 1813 in Caswell County to Diannah Burton, daughter of Allen Burton. They settled in Caswell County on a farm in the Milton Township, where they raised nine children: Nancy, Jacob T, Robert C.,Sarah (married Farmville Stigall), Susan D., Lucinda E., Polly who married a Dixon and along with her brother, David moved to Georgia, and Francis M (married Elizabeth Carter and lived in Caswell County)

Caswell County North Carolina
Superior Court
Special Procding

J.T. Vanhook, Robert C. Vanhook, Nancy Hudson, Farmville Stigale and wife Sarah Stigale, Susan D. Vanhook and Lucretia E. Vanhook: Defendants

Mary A Dixon, Thomas Dixon, -----Rector and wife Sarah F. Rector:-----Gray and wife Mary A Gray, --------Richards and wife Cornelia E. R. Richards; William R. Vanhook minor Def'ts.

The Plaintiffs complain and aledge

1. That Kindle Vanhook late of Caswell County departed this life some time since intestate.

2. That at the time of his death he was sized and possessed of the following real estate in Caswell County which descended to his next of kin to wit: One tract of land adjoining the land of John G------Thacker and others containing 105 acres one other tract adjoining the lands of
Thomas------- William--------and others and containing 39 acres one other tract adjoining the lands of Thomas------containing 40 acres.

3. That Kindle Vanhook left his surviving widow who is since dead and the following descendants who are his only heirs and legatees: J.T. Vanhook who reside in Caswell Co., Robert C. Vanhook, Nancy Hudson a widow who resides in Virginia. Sarah who intermarried with Farmville Stigale and reside in Caswell County: Susan D Vanhook and Lucretia E. Vanhook who also reside in Caswell County: and who are the plaintiffs in this action and Mary A Dixon and Thomas Dixon children of a deceased daughter and reside in the State of Georgia and David Vanhook who is dead leaving the following children to wit: Sarah F. intermarried with ----Rector: Mary Ann intermarried with ----Gran: Cornelia E intermarried with ----Richards: William R Vanhook and Martha A Vanhook who reside in the state of Georgia.

The last two of whom are minors and Frances Vanhook who is dead leaving one son, his only child to wit: David F Vanhook who is a minor and reside in Caswell County who are the defendants in the above entitled action.

4. That Plaintiffs desr-------to have partition of said lands between themselves and the defendants according to their respective rights and interest and are entitle to the same that they may hold shares in ----- 6. That to obtain a firm and satisfactory partition of the same for
sale made necessary and that is desired and ask on the parts of the plaintiffs being satisfactory a sale for partition would promote the interest of all concerned and especially the minors.

Wherefor the plaintiffs demand judgement that a sale of the land be ordered by the court to be made by a proposed comission to be appointed by the court and that Thos. W. Burton be appointed commisioner to sell said lands and for such other etc. 
Family: F538
206 1850 US Census, Pulaski Co., KY - Division 1, PG 53
Joel, 33; Polly, 24; Charity, 5; William, 3; Sarah A., 1

1860 US Census, Pulaski Co., KY
Joel 41, Nancy 25, Charity 14, William 12, Clara 8, John 2, and Harriet 6 mos.
Martha A., age 4 in 1860 does not show up in the census, perhaps she wasn't their child.

1870 US Census, Jugernaut, Pulaski Co., KY
Joel, age 51, Nancy 34, John C. 12, Dicey H. 10, Mary E. 4 and Joel S. 8 months.
Widowed by 1855 when he married Nancy. 
Family: F545
207 1850 US Federal Census, Div 1, Pulaski Co., KY
Josephus Inatsip 32
Matilda Inatsip 31
Mary Inatsip 10
Andrew P Inatsip 8
Emily Inatsip 5
Elvira Inatsip 3
Paulina Inatsip 1

1860 US Federal Census, Dist 2, Pulaski Co., KY
Josephus Inabnet 41
Matilda Inabnet 41
Andrew Inabnet 18
Elvira Inabnet 13
Paulina Inabnet 11
Joseph Inabnet 9
William Inabnet 6
Robert Inabnet 4
Anna Inabnet 1

Jul 1863 - Civil War Draft Registration Records, Pulaski Co., KY
Josephus Inabnit, 44, b. KY

1870 US Federal Census, Burdine, Pulaski Co., KY
Josephus Inabnit 51
Matilda Inabnit 51
Joseph Inabnit 19
William L Inabnit 16
Robert W Inabnit 14
Annie E Inabnit 11
John Inabnit 65

1880 US Federal Census, Pct 7, Pulaski Co., KY
Josephus Inabuit 61, head
Matilda Inabuit 61, wife
William L. Inabuit 26, son
M. E. Duvall 15, granddaughter

1900 US Federal Census, Burdine, Pulaski Co., KY
(note: surname is Patterson)
Josiah Patisan 39, b. Jan 1863 TN, head, married 13 yrs
Sarah P Patisan 30, b. Nov 1869 KY, wife, married 10 yrs, mother 6 children
Lonzo Patisan 12, b. Oct 1887, son
Vernon Patisan 13, b. Aug 1889, son
William C Patisan 8, b. Oct 1891, son
Joseph B Patisan 6, b. May 1894, son
Elmer M Patisan 3, b. Apr 1897, son
Freddie L Patisan 6/12, b. Nov 1899, son
Josephius Inabnit 81, b. Oct 1818 KY, widow, father-in-law (note: Josephus is actually the grandfather of Sarah P. Patterson). 
Family: F1198
208 1856 - Iowa State Census - Manquoketa, Jackson Co., IA
William Benson, age 65, b. NY, carpenter - resident in state 12 years
Elizabeth Benson, age 55, b. NJ - resident in state 7 years 
Family: F4440
209 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2948
210 1860 Pulaski Census: Stephen 26, wife Ellen 23 and son Eli, age 3. Living next to Joseph Farmer, age 74 and two children Eli, age 4 and Jane, age 2.

1870 Census: Burdine, Pulaski Co., Stephen 34, Ellen 33, Eli 13, Francis M. 8, James T. 6, Jesse L. 4, Mary M. 1.

1880 Census: Burdine Twshp., Pulaski Co., Ky, age 44, Ellen 43, Francis M., 18, James, 16 Jesse L., 15, Mary M, 10; Hohn H., 7;Celia B, 3;, Stephen L., Dec 1879. 6/12.
1920: Shows Steven living alone on Sublimity Road and divorced.

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
Name: Steave Farmer
Death Date: 28 Feb 1915
Death Location: Pulaski
Age: 80
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 1 Sep 1834
Birth Location: Pulaski
Father's Name: Joda Farmer
Father's Birth Location: North Carolina
Mother's Name: Sarah Baker
Mother's Birth Location: North Carolina
Informant - Eli Farmer (by phone)
Give place as "Farmer graveyard" and burial date of 29 Feb 1915 (not a date in 1915) 
Family: F579
211 1860 United States Census - Lockport, Niagara, New York
Household «tab»Role «tab»Gender «tab»Age «tab»Birthplace
Christ Kalor «tab»«tab»M «tab»30 «tab»Wertemburg Germany
Elizabeth Kalor «tab»«tab»F «tab»36 «tab»England
Lilly E Kalor «tab»«tab»F «tab»10 «tab»New York
Peter F Kalor «tab»«tab»M «tab»8 «tab»New York
Household ID: 669 , GS Film Number: 803823 , Digital Folder Number: 004236759 , Image Number: 00322 ,

1870 United States Census - Ward 1, Lockport, Niagara Co., NYNew York
Christian Kahler, 42, b Germany, Roofing
Elizabeth Kahler, 45, b England, K.H.
Mary F. Kahler, 8, b NY, student
Lilly E. Kahler, 3, b NY, student
Franklin VanHook, 19, b NY, at Printing
William B. Reed, 42, b No. Wales, England, Carpenter

New York, State Census, 1875 - Lockport, Niagara, New York, United States
Family Number: 148 , Line Number: 11 , GS Film number: 1577677 , Digital Folder Number: 004858055 , Image Number: 00163
Christin Taylor «tab»Father «tab»M «tab»45, b Germany, roofer?
Elisabeth Taylor «tab»Wife «tab»F «tab»51, b England, tailoress
James G Vanhouk «tab»Son «tab»M «tab»28, b Niagara Co., NY, laborer
Franklin Vanhouk «tab»Son «tab»M «tab»24, b Niagara Co., NY, laborer
Mary E Taylor «tab»Daughter «tab»F «tab»14, b Niagara Co., NY
Lillie E Baker «tab»Granddaughter «tab»F «tab»8, b Niagara Co., NY

Congressional Edition, Volume 2435 (Google eBook)
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1886 (accessed 16 Apr 2015)
49th Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives, Report No. 137
Elizabeth Kahler
January 26, 1886 - Committed to the Committee of the Whole House and Ordered to be Printed
Mr. Sawyer, from the Committee on Invalid Pensions, submitted the following REPORT: (To accompany bill H.R. 1575)
The Committee on Invalid Pensions, to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 1575) for the relief of Elizabeth Kahler, submit the following report:

Elizabeth kahler is the widow of Christian Kahler, who was a soldier in the late civil war, and was granted a pension of $6 per month for a disability described as follows: "Loss of left thumb and injury of hand from gunshot wound." Afterwards and about October, 1871, the pension was increased to $8. At this time Drs. Helmer and Clark, the examining surgeons, in their report in describing the disability, certify as follows:
"Gunshot wound in left hand; ball entered the back of the hand, through the carpal bones, carrying away the metacarpal bone of the thumb, together with the thumb. The index finger is stiff and straight."
Afterwards the pension was increased to $16. At this time the same examing surgeons, in making their report in describing the disability, certify as follows:
"Gunshot wound of left hand. Ball entered half an inch below the wrist-joint, carrying away the thumb and coming out through the back of the hand, stiffening the hand and destroying the power in all the fingers, except the index, where a little remains."
That on the night of the 25th of December 1876, said Christian, in passing over a bridge crossing a race in the city of Lockport, fell into the race.
William Sandriggan testifies that he was with Christian at the time he fell, and that immediately thereafter he went to the side of the race near where Christian was, got a pike-pole, extended it to him; that said Christian grasped the pole, but could not hold on to it; that after this Christian came nearer the side of the race, and the witness reached down and got hold of Christian, after he had once sunk below the water, and succeeded in getting him on land, but he was so nearly drowned -- in so exhausted condition -- that in ten or fiftenn minutes thereafter he died; and that he thinks that if Christian had had the full use of his left hand he would have succeeded in retaining his hold on the pole and been saved.
Dr. Clark, a physician residing at Lockport, and who examined the body of deceased, testifies that in his opinion that if the deceased had been possessed of even a small part of the natural power of the hand and arm he could have been rescued by those who attempted to rescue and save himi, and that in his opinion it was in consequence of the disability in the left hand, for which he was pensioned, that he lost his life.
Your committee believe from the foregoing statement that the death of Christian Kahler was due to wounds and the effects of wounds received by him in the military services.
Your committee therefore report favorably upon the bill, and recommend that it do pass. 
Family: F4730
212 1860 United States Federal Census - Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin
Name Age
Alonzo T Turner 41
Sarah A Turner 36
Loretta C Turner 8
Mary L Turner 6
Freemont Turner 4
Arthur E Turner 9/12
Edward A Turner 9/12

1870 US Census - Iowa Twsp, Marshall Co., IA
29 Jul 1870

1880 United States Federal Census - Iowa, Marshall, Iowa
Household Members:
Name Age
Alonzo T. Turner 61
Sarah A. Turner 57
Mary L. Turner 25
Edward A. Turner 20
Jacob D. Turner 19 
Family: F2359
213 1860 United States Federal Census - Christian, Kentucky
Post Office: Hopkinsville
Simon Deason 57
Issabella Deason 45
M Malone 30
S Deason 17
J R Deason 16
Geo Deason 14
M Deason 12
S Deason 8
Jas Deason 5
Richard Vanhook 26
Cynthia Vanhook 26
Cillinara Vanhook 4
Buck Vanhook 3
John W Vanhook 1

1870 United States Federal Census - Raleigh, Union, Kentucky
Richard Vanhook 36, b. TN, Physician
Nannie Vanhook 30
Nilie Vanhook 15

1880 United States Federal Census - Hurricane, Crittenden, Kentucky
R. Vanhook 46
Nilie Vanhook 24
Charlie Vanhook 23
John W. Vanhook 21
Dorrie Vanhook 7
Maggie Vanhook 2
Mr. Hitchcocke 54
Alfred Clements 18
Gertrude Sick 18 
Family: F4075
214 1860 United States Federal Census - District 1, Pulaski, Kentucky
John Hall 30
Mary A Hall 31
Lawrence Hall 10
Mary F Hall 8
Cynthia A Hall 5
Nicey Hall 2

1870 United States Federal Census - MT Gilied, Pulaski, Kentucky
John Hall 40
Mary Ann Hall 40
Lawrance J Hall 20
Nicy E Hall 12
John F Hall 9
Cash C Hall 4
Lorenzy G Hall 2

1880 United States Federal Census - Precinct 1, Pulaski, Kentucky
John Hall 50
Mary A. Hall 50
Cash C. Hall 14
Lorenza G. Hall 12
Love B. Hall 8 
Family: F256
215 1860 United States Federal Census - District 12, Humphreys, Tennessee
(note: living next to Nancy's parents Green and Ann Primm)
Name Age
Saml Vanhook 38
Nancy Vanhook 28
Mary Vanhook 8
David Vanhook 4

Samuel VanHook was a farmer and a husband and father when the Confederate Army found him and informed him he had enlisted on March 1, 1863. Samuel deserted July 15, 1863. He was captured by Union forces at Pinewood Factory in Dickson county on Oct 26, 1863. He arrived at Rock Island, Illinois on Dec 3, 1863. The people who ran this camp were selling the prisoners provisions and most of these unfortunate men starved to death. Samuel took the oath of allegiance to the United States on March 18, 1864. He died at that camp May 4, 1864 and is buried in grave #1117.

Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1870
Event Place: Tennessee, United States
Page Number: 23
Household ID: 160
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: M593
GS Film number: 000553038
Digital Folder Number: 004276882
Image Number: 00246
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Nancy Vanhook F 37 Tennessee
David G Vanhook M 14 Tennessee
Jesse L Vanhook M 9 Tennessee
James B Vanhook M 7 Tennessee
Green Primm M 76 North Carolina (note: Nancy's father) 
Family: F4602
216 1860 United States Federal Census - District 2, Franklin, Kentucky
Thomas Bishop 26
Lucy A Bishop 21

1880 United States Federal Census - Paris, Bourbon, Kentucky
Thomas Bishop 46, Work In Flour Mill
Lucie Bishop 41
Matie Bishop 20
Charles Bishop 16
Ben Bishop 14
Lulie Bishop 12
Lizzie Bishop 9
Lucy Freeman 16, niece
Harvey Freeman 2, nephew

1900 United States Federal Census - Paris Ward 3, Bourbon, Kentucky
Thomas Bishop 68
Lucy A Bishop 60
Harvey Bishop 21 
Family: F4343
217 1860 United States Federal Census - Sni a bar, Lafayette, Missouri
Saml Gaston 53
Jane Gaston 46
Harrison Gaston 21
C G Gaston 19
E A Gaston 16
S W Gaston 12
Wm D Gaston 10
Nancy Keller 14
Saml Vanhook 33, b. KY, Laborer (son of Samuel Gaston's sister - Esther Gaston VanHook)
Eleven Benton 22


On the night of the 15th (July 15, 1862) as we learn from the Lexington Mo Union, Mr. Samuel Gaston, an old man and an old citizen of Lafayette county, was brutally murdered and robbed by rebel assassins, his only crime being that he was a Union man.

He had been repeatedly robbed before until he had almost been deprived of all his property. Sometime in February last, a band of armed men came to his house, took his stock and $60 in money and carried him off a prisoner, and after detaining him several days he was released, after which he came to Lexington to take shelter in the Federal lines. He remained there a few weeks and at the earnest invitation of his rebel neighbors returned to his home.

After he had put in his crop, he was attacked, robbed of his last horse, shot at and compelled again to fly for his life to Lexington, since which time he has been there, except when accompanied by the military to his neighborhood in the hope of securing some of his property. This is the whole of his doing. Tuesday night he determined to go home to see his family, and was accompanied by Mr. Van Hook his nephew, about twelve miles from Lexington near Greenton where they were halted in the road by four men, who stepped from the brush in front of them. They were ordered to dismount, to surrender their arms if they had any, and their money, which they did; they then led them some forty paces from the road when they shot Gaston dead, putting a full charge of buckshot into his right side. The assassin stood so close as to force even the gun wad into the wound. He died instantly. Van Hook ran, was shot at but escaped. He arrived in Lexington early next morning, when a squad of Federal cavalry under Lieut. Wightman went out in search of the assassins, found one of them, who was killed on the spot.

Mr. Gaston was a Union man and was brutally murdered and robbed, but what secessionist makes a howl about it. The murder of Col. Field of Pettis and Mr. Lasley of Monroe--atrocities which every Union man denounces and deplores--escapes any amount of rebel indignation, but if Union men are robbed and killed by secessionist devils, who makes a fuss about it. Who wants to tear down the government about it? 
Family: F4373
218 1860 US Census - 2nd D 14 Ward, Brooklyn, New York - page 141
Fred'k Lesquereaux, 27, b. France, Master Jeweller
Julia Lesquereaux, 23, b. Ohio
Alfred Lesquereaux, 4, b. Ohio
Fanny Lesquereaux, 2, b. Ohio 
Family: F2780
219 1860 US Census - Brazoria Co., TX
Wm VanHook, 38, b. TN, overseer (living in house with 2 other men)

1870 US Census - Dist 11, Dickson Co., TN
Wm Vanhook «tab»40, b TN, farmer
Mary Vanhook «tab»37, b TN, keeping house
Sarah Vanhook «tab»7, b TN
Alice Vanhook «tab»6, b TN
Andy Vanhook «tab»2, b TN [this child is recorded as "Andy, male, age 2" but is possibly "Emily/Emma"]

1880 US Census - Dist 6, Houston Co., TN
William Vanhook «tab»57, b TN, parents b TN, farmer
Mary Vanhook «tab»47, b TN, father b SC, mother b TN, keeping house
Alace Vanhook «tab»15, b TN
Emma Vanhook 13, b TN

1900 US Census - Dist 6, Houston Co., TN
William Vanhook 78, b Nov 1821 TN, parents b TN, married 38 years
Mary F Vanhook 67, b May 1833 TN, parents b TN, married 38 years, mother of 3 children, 2 living
[This census indicates Mary had 3 children - possibly Sarah, Alice, Emily/Emma] 
Family: F3740
220 1860 US Census - Caswell Co., NC
J.T. VanHook - living in household of "F. Stegall" (i.e., Farmville Stigall, his brother-in-law. Occupation is listed as "trader".

1860 US Census - Slave Schedules - Caswell Co., NC
Jacob T. VanHook (listed following Farmville Stigall)
1 female, black, age 16
1 female, mulatto, age 16 ("fugitive from the state")
1 male, black, age 2

1880 US Census - North Carolina > Caswell > Locust Hill > District 12
Jacob T. VanHook, 50, farmer, b. NC
John K. VanHook, 14, son, b. NC
Nannie W. VanHook, 37, wife, b. NC
Laura VanHook, 12, daughter, b. NC
Maud VanHook, 8, daughter, b. NC
Jacob T. VanHook, 5, son, b. NC
Samuel T. VanHook, 3, son, b. NC
Margaret M. VanHook, 1, daughter, b. NC
Dorcus Totten, 72, mother-in-law, b. NC
Monroe Robertson, 24, servant
George Brown, 28, servant

1900 US Census - North Carolina > Rockingham > Simpsonville > District 85
1920 US Census - North Carolina > Rockingham > Simpsonville > 226 
Family: F3729
221 1860 US Census - Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
1870 US Census - Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
1880 US Census - Saint Louis, Saint Louis Co., MO 
Family: F2469
222 1860 US Census - Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
1870 US Census - Jackson, Hinds Co., MS
1880 US Census - Jackson, Hinds Co., MS

1900 US Census - Jackson, Hinds Co., MS
(Henrietta living with daughter Jane Frances (Fanny) Lowther and family) 
Family: F133
223 1860 US Census - Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS
1880 US Census - Valley Creek, Dallas Co., AL
1900 US Census - Valley Creek, Dallas Co., AL

Robert was a retail grocer.
Robert and Martha had 2 children, but both died in infancy/childhood. 
Family: F2706
224 1860 US Census - Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY
Luther VanHook, 19, clerk (in household of Thomas Frazier, merchant)

1870 US Census - Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY
Luther Vanhook, 30, distiller, b. KY
Alice Vanhook, 26, at home, b. KY
Lyda Vanhook, 4, b. KY
Margaret G Vanhook, 3, b. KY
Keller Vanhook, 1, b. KY
Thomas Foley, 60, gardener, b. Ireland
Mary Mccarty, 21, domestic, b. KY
Hannah Cronin, 13, domestic, b. KY
John Doyle, 18, laborer, b. KY

1880 United States Federal Census - Cynthiana, Harrison, Kentucky
(note: name is shown as "Van Hoot" or "Hoot" in census index)
Name «tab»Age
Luther Van Hook«tab»39
Alice Van Hook «tab»36
Lyda Van Hook «tab»14
Maggie Van Hook «tab»12
Keller Van Hook «tab»10
Luther Van Hook «tab»8
Serena Van Hook «tab»6

1900 US Census - Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS
131 Clay Street
Luther Vanhook, 59, b. Jul 1840 KY, real estate & loan
Alice Vanhook, 55, b. Jul 1844 KY, mother of 6 children / 6 living
Roger Vanhook, 20, b. Jan 1880 KY, stenographer
Hannah Anderson,19, b. Mar 1881 Sweden, hired girl (immigrated 1882) 
Family: F2228
225 1860 US Census - Dist 1, Bracken Co., KY
Thomas Munson 48
Elizabeth Munson 43
John S Munson 25
Joel H Munson 20
Emma F Munson 15
Wm S Munson 12
Mary E Munson 9
Amanda Munson 6
Miranda Munson 6
Strauther B Munson 3

1870 US Census - Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY
("Manson" in census index)
Thomas J Monson 58
Lizzie A Monson 49
William T Monson 21
Mary E Monson 17
Miranda Monson 15
Amanda Monson 15
Strander Monson 13

1880 US Census - Cordova, Grant Co., KY
Thomas J. Monson 68
Elizabeth A. Monson 52 
Family: F3918
226 1860 US Census - Dist 1, Pulaski Co., KY
James H., Rebecca, Martha & Walter - James was a blacksmith

1870 US Census - Grundy, Pulaski Co., KY
James, Rebecca and 6 children - James was a blacksmith

1880 US Census - Dist 19, Dist 1, Casey Co., KY
James, Rebecca S., 10 children and nephew James VanHook
James McPherson is listed as a "preacher" 
Family: F1146
227 1860 US Census - Dist 1, Pulaski Co., KY
James VanHook, 35, b. KY, farmer
Mary VanHook, 33, b. VA
George C. VanHook, 8, b. KY
William M. VanHook, 4, b. KY
Milton G. VanHook, 1, b. KY
Malvina Vincent, 20, b. NC

1870 US Census - Dist 9, Cumberland Co., TN
James VanHook, 45, b. KY, farmer
William M. VanHook, 13, b. KY
Milton J. VanHook, 11, b. KY 
Family: F1023
228 1860 US Census - Dist 1, Pulaski Co., KY
John Stogsdill, 26, b. KY
Zerelda Stogsdill, 24, b. KY
Josiah Stogsdill, 6, b. KY
William Stogsdill, 4, b. KY
John D. Stogsdill, 3, b. KY
James M Stogsdill, 9 months, b. KY

1870 US Census - Bent, Pulaski Co., KY
John T. Stogsdill, 36, b. KY
Cerilda Stogsdill, 35, b. KY
Josiah Stogsdill, 16, b. KY
William T. Stogsdill, 14, b. KY
John D. Stogsdill, 12, b. KY
James M. Stogsdill, 10, b. KY
Mary E. Stogsdill, 8, b. KY 
Family: F2265
229 1860 US Census - Dist 1, Pulaski Co., KY (surname "Higgin" in index)
(Montgomery's mother Hannah VanHook Higgins living with family in 1860)

1870 US Census - Mt. Gilead, Pulaski Co., KY
1880 US Census - Buncombe, Pulaski Co., KY
1900 US Census - Buncombe, Pulaski Co., KY

1910 US Census - Buncombe, Pulaski Co., KY
Rebecca with children Mary E., Louisa J. and McClellan 
Family: F1450
230 1860 US Census - Dist 2, Pulaski Co., KY
Stephen Silvers, 36, b. KY, farmer
Mary Silvers, 22, b. KY
Jesse Silvers, 14, b. KY
Robert Silvers, 11, b. KY
Sarah Silvers, 6, b. KY
Nancy Silvers, 4, b. KY
John Silvers, 2, b. KY

1880 United States Federal Census - Precinct 13, Pulaski, Kentucky
Name Age
Stephen Silvers 56
Mary A. Silvers 46
John H. Silvers 21
Elizabeth Silvers 16
Harriet F. Silvers 13
Micheal Silvers 10
Isabella Silvers 7
George A. Silvers 3

1900 United States Federal Census - Bent and Nunnelly Springs, Pulaski, Kentucky
Name Age
Mary A Silvers 64, widow, b. KY, father b. GA, mother b. KY 
Family: F248
231 1860 US Census - Dist 4, Cheatham Co., TN
J.D. VanHook, 28, b. TN, farming
T.E. VanHook, 1 (female), b. TN

1870 United States Federal Census - District 5, Cheatham, Tennessee
Post Office: Ashland City
J B Vanhook 36
Mary Vanhook 25
Calvina J Vanhook 8
Mary T Vanhook 6
Maranda Vanhook 3

1880 United States Federal Census - District 5, Cheatham, Tennessee
J. B. Vanhook 47
M. L. Vanhook 35
C. J. Vanhook 18
M. T. Vanhook 15
M. Z. Vanhook 13
D. W. Vanhook 7

1900 US Census - Dist 4, Cheatham Co., TN
John D. VanHook, 68, b. Apr 1932 TN, father b. NC, mother b. TN, farmer (married 39 years)
Mary Lou VanHook, 55, b. Dec 1844 TN, father b. TN, mother b. TN
Georgie L. VanHook, 17, b. Mar 1883 TN (daughter)
Tom Coats, 40, b. May 1860 TN (servant)

1910 US Census - Dist 5, Cheatham Co., TN
living in household of William E. Allen and M.Z. Allen (daughter and son in law)
John D. VanHook, 78, b. TN
Mary Lou VanHook, 66, b. TN (mother of 5 children, 3 living) 
Family: F4077
232 1860 US Census - Lockport, Niagara Co., NY
George VanHook, 13, b. NY
living in household of Jeremiah Carter (59, b. NJ), glassblower and Mary Carter (62, b. NJ)
(Mary VanHook Carter possibly aunt, sister of James George VanHook's father???)

New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900
James George VanHook serving as George Ried (using his mother's maiden name)
Enlisted 25 Mar 1865, New York City, age 18
Mustered in 25 Mar 1865, private, company M, 8th Calvary
Mustered out 27 Jun 1865, private, Alexandria, VA with company
Remarks: Bome? as Ried, true name James George VanHook, born in Niagara County, NY, occupation laborer. Hazel eyes, light hair and florid complexion. Height 5 feet 1 1/2 inches, credited to Duanesburg, 18th Dist.

New York State Archives; Albany, New York; Town Clerks´ Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War, ca 1861-1865; Collection Number: (N-Ar)13774; Box Number: 54; Roll Number: 29
Name: «tab»George Reid
Birth Date: «tab»1847
Birth Place: «tab»Niagara Co, New York
Enlistment Date: «tab»25 Mar 1865
Enlistment Location: «tab»Duanesburg, Schenectady, New York
Regiment: «tab»8th Cavalry
Race: «tab»White

New York, State Census, 1875 - Lockport, Niagara, New York, United States
Thomas Pickwell «tab»«tab»M «tab»50 «tab»
Sarah Pickwell «tab»Wife «tab»F «tab»50 «tab»
Ann Rothrea «tab»Mother «tab»F «tab»74 «tab»
Margaret Rothrea «tab»Sister «tab»F «tab»33 «tab»
Eliza Vanhook «tab»Niece «tab»F «tab»25 «tab»
George Vanhook «tab»«tab»M «tab»28 (husband of niece Eliza)«tab»
Reuben Pickwell «tab»Child «tab»M «tab»17

1892 New York State Census - ED 02, Buffalo Ward 9, Erie Co., NY
James VanHook, 43, boatman
Eliza VanHook, 41
William VanHook, 16
George VanHook, 9
Boyd VanHook, 2

1900 US Census - ED 178 Election District 5 Buffalo city Ward 21, Erie, New York, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
head James G. Van Hook M 52 New York, b May 1848
wife Eliza Van Hook F 51 Canada Eng, b. Aug 1849
son William F Van Hook M 24 New York, b. Jan 1876
son James G. Van Hook Jr. M 18 New York, b. Aug 1882
son John B Van Hook M 10 New York, b. Feb 1890
aunt Sarah Pickwell F 76 Canada Eng, b. Feb 1824 (widow) - aunt of Eliza

30 Nov 1903 - letter
Record and Pension Office, War Department, Washington City
(to) The Adjutant General, State of New York, Albany
I am directed by the Secretary of War to inform you that it has this day been determined by this Department that James George VanHook is the true name of the soldier who served as George Ried in Company M, 8th New York Calvary Volunteers.
A discharge certificate as of the former name has been granted under the provisions of the act of Congress approved April 14, 1890.
Very respectfully, (signature), Chief, Record and Pension Office

1920 United States Federal Census - Buffalo Ward 25, Erie, New York
Name Age
Jas G Van Hook 72, b NY, bridgetender
Eliza Van Hook 70, b Canada
John B Van Hook 29
James G Milburn 29

"United States Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 8 February 2015), James G Vanhook, 1907-1933; citing NARA microfilm publication M850 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 1,636,353.
Name: «tab»James G Vanhook
Beneficiary's Name: «tab»Eliza A Van Hook
Event Type: «tab»Pension
Event Date: «tab»1907-1933
Event Place: «tab»United States
Form Type: «tab»Army Invalid
Death Date: «tab»22 Oct 1922

1925 New York State Census - Buffalo Ward 25, Erie Co., NY
John B. VanHook, 33, single, chaffeur
roomer, living at 74 Cottage Street 
Family: F4172
233 1860 US Census - Monroe, Clermont Co., OH
Solomon Fitzpatrick, 68, farmer, b. KY
Serilda, 48, domestic duties, b. KY
S.F., 15, (female), b. OH
Almisa, 6, (female), b. OH
Thos., 5, b. OH

1870 US Census - Cincinnati Ward 8, Hamilton Co., OH
Zerelda Fitzpatrick, 57, b. KY, "at tailoring"
Ella Grace Fitzpatrick, 16, b. OH, "at tailoring"
Thomas Van H. Fitzpatrick, 15, b. OH

Nicholsville Cemetery (Clermont Co., OH) has the following:
Solomon 1793-1868
Sarah Donham 1800-1851
Their Children
William 1818-1906
Hannah 1832-1898
John 1820-1912
Margaret 1834-1892
Elizabeth 1821-1843
Solomon 1837-1881
Emerine 1823-1840
Hugh 1839-1856
Able 1824-1831
Jonathan 1842-1864
Zachariah 1826-1867
Sarah Jane 1845-1932
Mary Ann 1827-1827
James 1848-1856
Lewis 1830-1912
By A Second Wife Zerillda Van Hook
Elmira 1855-1930
Thomas 1856-1930
Erected in 1947 by James M. Fitzpatrick Son of Lewis 
Family: F2128
234 1860 US Census - Navarro Co., TX
T.S. Sweatman, 24, b. MS, sawyer
A.E. Sweatman, 18, b. NC 
Family: F2587
235 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F175
236 1860 US Census - Pulaski Co., Dist 2
John S. Neeley, 22, farmer, b. KY
Sarah Neeley, 19, b. KY
William G. Neeley, 2, b. KY

Note: John Lafayette Neely enlisted Oct. 10, 1861 in Earles KY, same time as Henry H. Neely. Sick in Nashville, TN March-June 1862, returned Apr. 10, 1862, lost on Smith's Carbine at Strawberry Plains, TN (Siege of Knoxville) on Nov. 15, 1863; discharged Dec. 16, 1864 at Bowling Green, KY. Also, some information states his gravesite in Marietta national Cemetery, gravesite #3327, Sect. #E, Grave, #811. Was in the 12th Kentucky Vol. Co. F. Regiment. Attached to Sherman's army?

DATE OF DEATH: 08/18/1864
BURIED AT: SECTION E SITE 6352 Click to view the cemetery map
Family: F2065
237 1860 US Census - Rockcastle Co., KY
Uriah Swinney, 27, b. KY, farmer & tanner
Mary Ester Swinney, 21, b. KY
James D. Swinney, 2, b. KY
Wm. G. Swinney, 1, b. KY

1870 US Census - Price, Pulaski Co., KY
(note: name in census
Uriah A. Swinney, 37, b. KY, farmer
Ester Swinney, 33, b. KY
James D., 12, b. KY
William G., 11, b. KY
Alvira G., 5, b. KY
Thomas D., 1, b. KY

1880 US Census - Dist 32, Cass, Greene Co., MO
Uriah Swinney, 44, b. KY, farmer
Mary Swinney, 43, b. KY
Wm., 21, b. KY
Alvira, 14, b. KY
Thomas, 10, b. KY
Susan, 7, b. KY

1900 US Census - Dist 60, Murray, Greene Co., MO
Uriah Swinney, 67, Mar 1833, b. KY, married 42 years, farmer
Mary Swinney, 63, Nov 1836, b. KY, married 42 years, mother of 8 children, 4 living

1910 US Census - Dist 51, Orange Ward 1, Orange Co., CA
Uriah A. Swinney, 77, b. KY, married 53 years
Mary E. Swinney, 71, b. KY, married 53 years, mother of 8 children, 4 living 
Family: F1034
238 1860 US Census - Rockcastle Co., KY, PG 14
John E Woodyard, 31, farmer
Jane Woodyard, 38
City Bell Woodyard, 2
Charlotte Woodyard, 20
John Woodyard, 62 (carpenter - b. Virginia)

1870 US Census - Rockcastle Co., KY, district 2, PG 2
(note: 3 households from Martin VanHook, Eliza Jane's brother in this census)
John E Woodyard, 41, farmer
Jane Woodyard, 45
Kitty B. Woodyard, 12
Susan E. Woodyard, 10
James H. Woodyard, 36 (works at steam mill)
Susan E. VanHook, 35
Isaac N. Marland???, 22 (depot agent)

1880 US Census - Rockcastle Co., KY, 94th district - PG 38, SD 3, ED 94
John E Woodyard, 51, farmer
Eliza J Woodyard, 53, wife
Susan E Woodyard, 18, daughter
Susan George, 48, sister-in-law
James Woodyard, 47, brother (saw mill man) 
Family: F1154
239 1860 US Census - Wabash, Fountain Co., IN
Curtis VanHook, 22, b. IN, farmer
Mahala VanHook, 19, b. IN

1870 US Census - Wabash, Fountain Co., IN
Curtis VanHook, 32, b. IN, farming
Malinda VanHook, 23, b. IN
Nancy C. VanHook, 9, b. IN
Jefferson L. VanHook, 7, b. IN
Charles Mc VanHook, 1, b. IN 
Family: F2922
240 1860 US Census - Wabash, Fountain Co., IN
Wilson VanHook, 29, b. IN, "shingle maker"
Mary J. Vanhook, 35, b. OH
Jasper D. VanHook, 6, b. IN
James A. VanHook, 3, b. IN
Samuel Prevo, 3, b. IN (son of his sister, Elizabeth and her husband Alexander Prevo)

1870 US Census - Fulton, Fountain Co., IN
Wilson VanHook, 41, b. IN, farm hand
Mary J. VanHook, 45, b. OH
Jasper W. VanHook, 15, b. IN
Charles B. VanHook, 6, b. IN
Samuel Perrow, 13, b. IN, farm hand (Prevo) 
Family: F1086
241 1860 US Census - Welborn, Conway Co., AR
Jones G. VanHook, 20, b. TN, working on farm of J.B. Davie

Private in Company B, 3rd Regiment, Arkansas Calvary, CSA
VANHOOK, J.G. Pvt - Enlisted 7 Jun 1861 at Little Rock, AR. Deserted to the federals at Knoxville, TN Feb1864. Took oath and was released 29 Feb 1864.

Gabriel's younger brother William was also a private enlisted in this company, but died just as it was getting organized in July of 1861.

The 3rd Arkansas Cavalry was organized at Little Rock on June 10, 1861, as the 1st (Borland's) Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. On July 27, 1861, the battalion was mustered into Confederate service for one year, and on July 29 was reorganized as the 1st Regiment Arkansas Mounted Volunteers. On January 15, 1862, it was redesignated as the 3rd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry. It was reorganized at Corinth, Mississippi, on May 26, 1862, with the addition of two companies (I and K) from the recently-disbanded Williamson's Battalion Arkansas Infantry. Much to the dissatisfaction of the men, the regiment was dismounted to serve as infantry, and fought as such at Corinth and Hatchie Bridge, where they suffered appalling casualties. Finally, the regiment was remounted and served as cavalry for the rest of the war. The 3rd Arkansas Cavalry served under Major-General "Fighting Joe" Wheeler in the Confederate Army of Mississippi for much of the war. The regiment had an outstanding reputation, and benefitted from very competent leadership. The commanders of the regiment were Colonels Solon Borland, Samuel G. Earle, and Anson W. Hobson. The remnants of the regiment surrendered with the Army of Tennessee and were paroled at Chesterfield, South Carolina, on May 5, 1865.

1870 US Census - Aplin, Perry Co., AR
G.J. VanHook, 31, b. TN, farmer (note: census index shows "Z.J. Van Hook")
Elizabeth VanHook, 27, b. TN
Rena E. VanHook, 2, b. AR

1880 US Census - Dist 121, Aplin, Perry Co., AR
Jones G. VanHook, 41, b. TN, farmer (listed as "Jonah G.")
Elizabeth VanHook, 30, b. TN
Rene E. VanHook, 11, b. AR
William G. VanHook, 9, b. AR

1900 US Census - Dist 15, Welborn, Conway Co., AR
Will VanHook, 27, b. Sep 1872 AR, parents b. TN
Rena E. VanHook, sister, 29, b. Oct 1870 AR, parents b. TN
Sarah E. VanHook, mother, 57, b. Jul 1842 TN, parents b. NC

1910 US Census - Dist 18, Morrilton, Conway Co., AR
Lizzie VanHook, 65, b. TN, widow, mother of 2 children, 1 living
Renna E. VanHook, daughter, 34, b. AR, single
(Sarah Elizabeth and Rena VanHook were living next door to Samuel Scott and family - including his daughter Wilma who was the daughter-in-law of Sarah Elizabeth VanHook and the young widow of William VanHook)

1920 US Census - Dist 18, Morrilton, Conway Co., AR
Rena VanHook, 42, single, b. AR 
Family: F3486
242 1860 US Census - Western District Washington Co., VA
William Keith, 25
Maria Keith, 23

1870 US Census - Kinderhook, Washington Co., VA
William Keith, 29
Maria Keith, 28
Sarah J Keith, 9
Mary K Keith, 7
Abram J Keith, 4
Anderson Keith,2

28 Jun 1880 - 1880 US Census - Kinderhook, Washington County, Virginia
William Keith, 45 farm laborer
Mariah, 44 wife
Sarah J., 17 dau
Mary R., 15 dau
Abram J., 13 son
Anderson H., 11 son
Emma, 8 dau
Martha, 6 dau
James, 4 son
Huldy L., 1 dau

1900 US Census - Goodson, Washington Co., VA
William A Keith, 68
Mariah Keith, 67
Anderson Keith, 28
Sina S Keith, 21
Willie Moore, 11 
Family: F3656
243 1860: District 2, Pulaski Co., KY - PG 23
John 47, Mary 45, Matthew 21, Elizabeth 20, William 18, Nancy 16, Lette 12, Henry 11, Thomas 7, Jasper 5, and Francis 3. All born KY.

A son, John S., died young. Their daughter, Sarah Jane Farmer (Ping) was living next door with husband and 3 children.

1870 Pulaski/Juggernaut: Mary, age 55 with son Matthew, 29 labeled idiotic and Nancy E. Thomas J, Lemanta J. Frances M. and John P.

1880 Census Pulaski Co., Mary, age 66. Son, Matthew, 43 and daughter, Nancy Ellen, 34 with 2 grandchilden, Perry John, 12 (William and Tennessee Boyers son) and John Marion, (possibly son of Charles Jasper) age 5 in same residence.

John died of typhoid fever and was the first person to be buried in Poplarville Cemetery. His parents and siblings were the first Farmers to live in Pulaski County. They moved from North Carolina. 
Family: F1179
244 1870 Pulaski/Juggernaut: 21, with Sarah 23 and William C., 7 months.
1880 Census: Pulaski County, 7 & 10 District> Dist. 89. Henry age 30, Sarah age, 32?, William C., 11; Mary Jane, 8; Sarah Margaret, age 6, Rosa Bell, age 4, James Parker, 2.
1900: Henry 50, Sarah 54, with James P., Silas A, John P., Logan and Lulu. 10/9 children.
1910: Nunnelly Springs Road, Pulaski Co., Ky. Henry, age 60, Sarah 64, had 10 children with 9 surviving.

Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953
Name: Henry Farmer
Death Date: 17 Jun 1928
Death Location: Pulaski
Age: 78
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 23 Jan 1850
Birth Location: Pulaski, Kentucky
Father's Name: John Farmer
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother's Name: Mary Barnes
Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky

1930: Living on Mounce Road, Pulaski Co., Ky with son Silas A., 47, never married. 
Family: F671
245 1870 United States Census - Ward 1, Lockport, Niagara Co., NYNew York
Christian Kahler, 42, b Germany, Roofing
Elizabeth Kahler, 45, b England, K.H.
Mary F. Kahler, 8, b NY, student
Lilly E. Kahler, 5, b NY, student
Franklin VanHook, 19, b NY, at Printing
William B. Reed, 42, b No. Wales, England, Carpenter

1880 US Census - Rochester, Monroe Co., NY
Frank VanHook, 29, b. NY, "boat man"
Matilda VanHook, 19, b. NY
George VanHook, 4 months (born Feb), NY

1887 Rochester, NY City Directory
Frank VanHook, millwright

1888-1890 Rochester, NY City Directory
Frank VanHook, millwright

1900 US Census - Dist 155, Buffalo Ward 19, Erie Co., NY
Frank Van Hook & family (occupation ship carpenter)
shows Frank's father b. NY and mother b. England

Boston City Directory - 1904
Frank VanHook, Carpenter - 40 Sherman, Roxbury
Mrs. Matilda E. VanHook, dressmaker
Franklin J. VanHook, student

1910 US Census - Dist 0141, Rochester Ward 14, Monroe Co., NY
Frank VanHook, 59, b. NY, carpenter

1910 US Census - Dist 1585, Boston Ward 21, Suffolk Co., MA
Matilda VanHook, 49, married once, married 30 years, 5 children, 3 living, b. NY, dressmaker
Franklin J. VanHook, son, 25, b. NY, civil engineer
Lillian M. VanHook, dau, 26, b. NY, stenographer
Sarah A. VanHook, dau, 24, b. NY, bookkeeper
(note: Franklin J. VanHook is also listed in the Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY census for 1910 as a boarder and working as a civil engineer)

1920 US Census - Dist 172, Buffalo Ward 20, Erie Co., NY
Erie County Home (nursing home)
Frank VanHook, 68, inmate, b. NY

1920 US Census - Dist 411, Boston Ward 16, Suffolk Co., MA
Matilda VanHook, 58, married, b. NY, dressmaker
(shown with 2 boarders living with her) 
Family: F3850
246 1870 United States Federal Census - District 8, Henry, Tennessee
D F Cox «tab»32, b TN, farmer
M J Cox «tab»23, b TN [M. I.]
M E Cox «tab»4, b TN
M E Cox «tab»2, b TN

1880 United States Federal Census - Pierces and Fulton Station, Obion, Tennessee
D. F. Cox «tab»39, b TN, farmer
Martha J. Cox «tab»30, b TN, housekeeper [Martha I.]
Manda E. Cox «tab»14, b TN
Mary E. Cox «tab»13, b TN
Winnie B. Cox «tab»7, b TN
Julia Cox «tab»5, b TN
William F. Cox «tab»2, b TN 
Family: F4837
247 1870 United States Federal Census - Humboldt, Coles, Illinois
Laurence Vanhook «tab»39
Martha Vanhook «tab»36
John Vanhook «tab»14
Clarrissa Vanhook «tab»12
Marion Vanhook «tab»10
Bayless Vanhook «tab»2
Mary Vanhook «tab»1

Family is in 1880 US Census - Unity Township, Piatt Co., IL
Shows Lawrence J. as a "druggist" 
Family: F273
248 1870 United States Federal Census - Piqua Ward 3, Miami, Ohio
Name «tab»Age
Philander Stedman «tab»47
John V Stedman «tab»5

1880 United States Federal Census - Piqua, Miami, Ohio
Name «tab»Age
Philander Stedman «tab»57
John B. Stedman «tab»15

Philander A. Stedman was a constable in Piqua, then later a Justice of the Peace in the 1880's in Washington Township, Piqua, OH. 
Family: F1927
249 1870 United States Federal Census - Raleigh, Union, Kentucky
Richard Vanhook 36, b. TN, Physician
Nannie Vanhook 30
Nilie Vanhook 35 
Family: F4095
250 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F304

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